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Unique Wedding Reception Ideas

The reception is an important part of the wedding. You've made your vows in front of everyone. Now is the time to really wow them with an interesting, creative reception. We're no longer bound by the standard reception – you can really let your imagination go. Here are just a few ideas for truly unique wedding receptions that will have all your guests talking.

- Themed receptions are becoming more popular as a way to express your interests as a couple. Whether it's a Renaissance theme, Western, Polynesian, or Roaring 20s, you'll have a chance to have fun and show off. Invite your guests to come in costume, and serve themed food and drinks, as well as offering appropriate favors.

- Offer a cocktail hour as an event to kick off your reception. You can play with your wedding colors, offer tasty drinks and snacks, and give everyone the opportunity to mingle together. Remember that if you use floral decorations, sturdier blossoms are best, and incorporate the theme, if you have one. Also, make sure there's food available – drinking on an empty stomach can get everyone just a little tipsier than they've planned.

- Look for a unique location. Your wedding reception will be enhanced by a setting that lends it atmosphere, instead of the same old reception hall. Even if you don't have a theme, consider the different feelings you can give to your reception by setting it in a historic mansion, garden, or ballroom. If you want to really go all out, you can even hold the reception in multiple rooms, decorating each one differently, and serving food and drink to go with the décor.

- Make your guest book memorable. If you choose to use a traditional book, get one with some personality. An aged tome or decorated book will encourage your guests to be creative when they sign it. Or, consider using a photo booth to capture those memories on film, creating a visual guest book that you can treasure and remember more clearly than a written one.

- Make sure your reception is unified. This doesn't have to be as elaborate as the theme weddings mentioned above. However, a simple descriptor, such as a set of colors, mood, or adjective can help give your wedding a unique atmosphere. Don't be afraid to get creative with your colors or decoration. Allow the unifying thread to permeate all aspects of the reception – from favors to food.

- Favors are a good place to let your personality show. You can make them handmade, eco-friendly, glitzy, or customized. For a themed wedding, small appropriate items are readily available. Consider small mason jars full of candy or other treats for a Western wedding, ornately decorated favors for a Victorian one, and favors themed in your colors for a wedding with a less rigid theme. Edible favors are becoming very popular, and are available in a wide variety of customizable forms, unlike the stale mints of years past. Consider having your own specially molded chocolates, or tins of nuts with your names and the date of your wedding printed on the outside.

- Music doesn't just have to be a DJ. Consider singing a special song together in front of the audience, and inviting musically inclined family members to offer a song of their own. This shouldn't be the only musical entertainment, of course, but it can add a personal flair.

- Consider decorating different parts of the reception uniquely. No one ever said all the tables had to look alike. Consider giving each one its very own identity, so that guests can remember the one they sat at. Change the centerpieces and decorations a little for each table, and you'll get a surprisingly dramatic effect.

All it really takes to make your wedding unique is some imagination and the willingness to do something different. Let yourself dream when it comes to planning a special reception that your guests will remember for a long time to come. Your special day should be something that stands out, and reflects your personality as a couple. A unique reception is one important part of making that happen. With the many different options available to couples today, there's no reason you can't have the reception of your dreams.


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